Social Responsibility


Responsible Travel: 

Our belief in responsible tourism has forced every associates of the company to be sensible on Environmental and Cultural Policy. We encourage customers to buy local crafts and support local skills, with exception to buy products that exploit wildlife and their habitat. As the cultures of the destination place are always admired by the travelers, we urge the guides and tour leaders to put every effort to influence the community to preserve their cultural asset. Throughout the tour, they will encourage our customers on the education of social workings of a region, and part of their role is to make sure that the local communities benefit from our visit, ensuring that we will always be welcome.

To uplift the local economy we use locally owned suppliers, guides, which delivers benefits directly to the local community. Similarly, we also expect local associates to meet our standards, with particular consideration for the environment and culture.

Social Responsibility:

As we believe in operating tours with the help of local community based on the destination, we feel our responsibility to return back some of the profits we make out of a tour through the local charity organizations and NGOs. Some portion of the profit is always maintained in a separate account of the charity division of the company. For the same we have been operating the following two programs Tours for Charity and Travel for community projects. You are always welcome to support us in any other forms if you cannot participate on the same. Please write to us at to advise us how you want to help us.