Why Infinity Tours?

The Company is established by people having experience ranging from 5 years to more than 30 years in different organization and at various capacities. The founders and the staffs are capable of advising, managing and delivering all the finest and personalized services in an exceptionally professional manner.
As a team of professionals with long experience we do not hesitate to claim that our in-depth knowledge in every regard of operation of a tour is very distinctive and always available on disposal for you. Our each member of team takes the pleasure in answering all your concerns and confusions related to your travel.
Service Quality

We always offer only the very best of what our region has to present. Our experienced and professional staff, multi-lingual guides and professional transport arrangement at your disposal ensures your trip at every step to be memorable one. When it comes to service we assure you that we handle each of our valued clientele with the utmost personalized care and attention. The country and its people are considered to be most hospitable in the world. When it comes to INFINITY TOURS you will find nothing less but more of the same kind of feeling. Our every staffs have taken training on the guest services and hospitality while joining our organization. It is one of the pre-requisites to join our organization.
Group Size

When you are traveling in our readymade tours or group joining tours, generally you travel with maximum of fifteen fellow travelers. This appropriate group size helps to avoid making a negative impact on the places and the people you go and meet, and similarly is enough to have a good time with other travelers from around the globe.

Respect for the environment- A major focus of our operations is setting benchmarks in responsible tourism. We have strict operational guidelines for our staffs and leaders to follow. We support a number of local charity organizations, particularly where they have the infrastructure to undertake specific campaigns.
Cultural sensitivity

We employee leaders born in the region we operate the tour. Having a leader who speaks the language unlocks many of the mysteries travelers discover. It opens the way for more open communication and the chance for some real understanding on preserving the culture and customs of the destination place as we require all these preserved for our future generations. We believe in preserving cultural asset by incorporating Responsible Tourism.

If reliability is your concern then we guarantee you the tour price we offer to be the most competitive and service to be one of the top as promised. In the case, you are not satisfied with our guaranteed services you have right to lodge complaint against us with our customer relation department at sales@infinitytours.com.np and we will resolve the same.

Since our establishment, we have created and maintained an extensive and reliable network of the finest quality service providers throughout our region of operation.

We offer a variety of services for you. We have some of the programs already prepared for you and are capable of offering deviation on our programs. We believe in delivering whatever you ask to the limit that the request is genuine. That is why we say- You name it you get it. The service ranges from hotel reservation to ticketing, trekking in the majestic Himalayas, rafting in the white waters, Jungle Safari, Charter Arrangements, Conference & Incentives, Special interest tours, expeditions, soft adventure tours and adventure tours.
Responsible Traveling with Infinity Tours

Before you leave home, learn as much as you can about the region you are visiting. Religions, values, customs and rules may be unexpectedly different than what you are used to with. Pay special attention to appropriate behavior, dress and body language. Try to learn some of the key words in the language and do not be afraid to use it. Always take permission before you take photographs of people and offer to send copies if you can. The information in our website will be helpful for you. Write to us at  sales@infinitytours.com.np for more information
Price Range

We offer very competitive prices on all our packages. Regardless of the type of tour- be it a customized itinerary or be it popular, regular pre-planned tours you will find the price paid not enough for the service you have received.
In other words you can take it as 'great value for service'.
Multiple Tour Discount

We have special offer to all of our travelers who would like to book multiple tours with us all at once. Each traveler who books two trips will receive a 5% discount per person and who books three trips will receive a 10% discount per person off the total tour price. The bookings have to be made all at once.