Tibet, a rich and beautiful land, is located at the main part of Qinghai-Tibet plateau, south-West frontier of China. Tibet borders with Sichuan, Yuannan, Qinghai And Xinjiang; to the south contiguous to India, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Burma, and bounded by Kashmir on the west.

When the word Tibet is mentioned something icy chills the readers' nerves. In fact it snows only once or twice in a year and owing to the perpetuity of bright sunshine, it is not at all cold during the daytime even in the coldest of the winter. Tibet is so sunny that it produces a year-round sunshine of over 3,000 hours in a year. Its old name-"land of snow" - the name by which Tibet is almost popularly known as, is always thickly covered with snow with hardly any signs of inhabitation. In fact, it is correct only when it is referred to the world greatest ranges located in Ima, the Tisi, and like. These ranges run by leaps and bounds across the country showing their beautiful snow covered peaks against the bluest of skies.

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Holy Mount Kailash Tour, 11Nights 12Days

The Mount Kailash Tour is organizd in two different ways. One as Hindu Pilgrimage Kailash Tour targeting travelers from India and the other one is as General Kailash Tour for Nationals other than India. This Fixed Departure is for Nationals other than India. Please write us at hello@infinitytours.com.np for any group joining or private tour to kailash. Please note that the mentioned price is te...

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